Welcome Janitor! 

The Foundation houses many ""visitors"", some like you and me, others not so much. Anyway, your job is simple - clean their rooms.  But remember:  Do not disturb the ""VISITORS"" under any circumstances.

About the game

"The Janitor" works with the concept of a mental asylum as a panopticon of "other" intelligences.  Main protagonist is a sort of average everyman who is just there to do his job, no matter how absurd exciting or dangerous his encounters get. But is it really possible for him to understand these entities and mysteries behind them, even if he tried? Or is the barrier between his and their worlds, either mental or physical, represented by the asylum itself, just impossible to overcome?

The game was made for Bratislava Game Jam 2021 in 48 hours by Peter Racko, Alexander Palasthy Pejko and Kati Chlebnicanova

Rated 2.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsNohaVMede, Pejko
Tagsexistential, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Walking simulator


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Pretty cool short game,graphic style looks pretty nice too

Gave it a short lets play and my feedback and a bug/oversight I found 


Hey thanks for the lets play! Here is a little spoilerfor you: There is actually a proper "meaningful" ending if you take the bag from the first room and then survive the other two and come completely in front of the last anomaly. We will be fixing the bugs and inconsistences after the game jam voting process is over, and maybe even expanding on the idea.

I liked it.